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Matt & Zaya Wood own and run 50,000 acres at Goodooga in north western NSW in a 400mm rainfall zone and which has been in various degrees of drought since 2012. Drought has necessitated a permanent change to the business model with the focus now on sheep and goats. Rangeland Red Goat Stud was established in 2018 with the aim of improving our commercial rangeland goats with Red Kalahari genetics. We wanted to breed red bucks that we could put across our rangeland does that would reduce the amount of white on the goats and that also increased growth rates, slaughter weights and yields.

The stud originated from stock secured from many studs across Australia including Bailieston, Amadika, Yarrabee, Teal Point and Lomandra with later stock and genetics being added from Jolleen, Tambookie, Kazleesha, Armadown, Strzboer and Amahle. We have now expanded to over 140 does in the stud and will be building the stud numbers to 500 does in the coming year. We commenced a major embryo flushing and transfer program in 2019 with over 160 embryos going into recipient does. In 2020 we continued our embryo flushing and transfer programme with over 200 embryos going into recipient does. We only flush our very best does with the very best bucks and this has allowed us to quickly make significant gains in numbers and quality. We will be continuing our embryo and transfer programs into 2021. In early 2020 a sister stud was established in the USA. This has sourced some of the very best red bucks and does in the USA. To date over 2,000 semen straws and over 50 embryos have been collected with import into Australia in 2021. This will see the entry of new blood never seen in Australia from exceptional red goats. Commercial numbers at Goodooga have also been expanding and with new exclusion fencing going up across all our past cattle country this should result in us increasing numbers to 5,000 to 10,000 does being run on seasonal basis.

The popularity of red and black goats has increased tremendously throughout Australia due to their advantageous colour, proven survivability and increased carcass weights. Rangeland Red are breeding sound, fertile, well muscled, quiet red goats that are fast maturing with rapid growth, whilst maintaining hardiness and strong Kalahari breed character. High standards of animal husbandry are maintained throughout the stud, including regular vaccinations and parasite control. Rangeland Red Goat Stud is registered with the Boer Goat Breeder’s Association of Australia LTD (BGBAA).
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Built Tough for Rangeland Conditions

  • Hard Working and Fertile​
  • Focussed on Performance​
  • Adding significant weight gain and growth rates to rangeland breeding programmes​

Buck Sale on 25 November 2020 Cobar NSW

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